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As the defendant, you’re entitled to present your defense case with the help of a Westchester County attorney. With an experienced lawyer like Michael Borrelli, you don’t have to feel any confusion, anxiety, or pressure when you enter the courtroom. For over 24 years, Michael Borrelli has helped relieve defendants just like you.

DWI is a serious offense in the state of New York. The penalties for these offenses vary, but the punishment for DWI’s can be harsh in New York state. That’s why it’s best to have a highly specialized and experienced New York lawyer like Michael Borrelli on your side.

Westchester Criminal Defense Attorney

Beyond our area of expertise, we also offer high quality legal representation in a wide variety of areas including real estate closings, wills, contract law, and landlord/tenant disputes. Legal processes can be lengthy and meticulous, but an experienced attorney can save you time and energy.

traffic violation attorney

Traffic ticket offenses can leave a stain on your record, and you even run the risk of having your license revoked. A traffic lawyer can help you avoid unnecessary financial stress and possible revocation of your driver’s license, plus keep your insurance premiums as low after a traffic incident.

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Proven Experience

As a lifelong resident of Westchester County, Michael Borrelli has worked with every police agency and court in Westchester County. Over the last 24 years, Michael has developed lasting relationships with courts and police officers in Westchester.

A DWI Specialist

During his twelve years serving as the DWI Coordinator, Borrelli was responsible for educating the Westchester County District Attorney staff and Westchester Police Agencies on all areas of DWI law. From this experience, Borelli was able to develop into a specialist in New York DWI law.