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Westchester County attorney specializing in the following practice areas:

Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic Violence

New York has mandatory arrest laws for domestic violence. Plus, police can arrest you even if there was no physical contact and an alleged victim doesn’t want to press charges. Those are just some reasons why it’s crucial to have an attorney in your corner after a domestic violence arrest.
DWI Defense Attorney

DWI Defense

DWI is a serious offense in the state of New York. The penalties for these offenses vary, but the punishment for DWI’s can be harsh in New York state. That’s why it’s best to have a highly specialized and experienced New York lawyer like Michael Borrelli on your side.
Drug Crimes Attorney

Drug Crimes

Drug charges for trafficking, distribution, and possession of illegal drugs will depend on the type and amount of the drug(s) involved. Although drug charges can come with severe penalties, there can be various ways to fight the charges and achieve favorable outcomes in these cases.
Person Stealing


Stealing goods, services, vehicles, and/or other items of value can be met with misdemeanor or felony larceny charges in New York. From shoplifting and identify theft to embezzlement, extortion, and more, Attorney Michael Borrelli is skilled at defending clients in a range of larceny cases.
Man in handcuffs after violating his probation

Probation Violations

Probation violation cases don’t work like other criminal cases. One key difference is the standard of proof. It only requires a prosecutor to meet the “preponderance of evidence” standard. That can create an uphill battle for the defense, making it even more essential to have an attorney in these cases.
Sex Crimes Attorney

Sex Crimes

In sex crime cases, the charges can depend on several factors, like the age(s) of the alleged victim(s) and whether there is physical evidence. Defense Lawyer Michael Borrelli not only helps clients fight various sex crime charges, but he also helps them with removal from the sex offender registry.
traffic violation attorney

VTL/Traffic Ticket Defense

Traffic ticket offenses can leave a stain on your record, and you even run the risk of having your license revoked. A traffic lawyer can help you avoid unnecessary financial stress and possible revocation of your driver’s license, plus keep your insurance premiums as low after a traffic incident.
Violent Crimes Attorney

Violent Crimes

New York law reserves some of the most severe charges and penalties for violent crimes. From assault and arson to carjacking, manslaughter, and homicide, Attorney Michael Borrelli is exceptionally skilled at crafting and presenting strategic defense cases for even the most serious violent crime cases.

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Proven Experience

As a lifelong resident of Westchester County, Michael Borrelli has worked with every police agency and court in Westchester County. Over the last 24 years, Michael has developed lasting relationships with courts and police officers in Westchester.

A DWI Specialist

During his twelve years serving as the DWI Coordinator, Borrelli was responsible for educating the Westchester County District Attorney staff and Westchester Police Agencies on all areas of DWI law. From this experience, Borelli was able to develop into a specialist in New York DWI law.
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